Safety is our number one core value at John Bender Inc. We are constantly working to achieve a safer work environment. John Bender Inc. enforces safety policies and procedures for all projects.

We realize that the prevention of incidents and the achievement of safe work practices are of tremendous importance. Of equal importance is our responsibility to provide safe working conditions for both the health and welfare of our employees.

Safety is everyday business at John Bender Inc. Our safety program began in 1989 and has continually expanded since. We employ a Risk & Safety Director. Our efforts have resulted in a safety program that includes clear standards, expectations, goals, rewards and consequences.

Quality equipment helps ensure that employees are provided the safest possible access to their work. Training is done at weekly toolbox talk meetings, and bi-annual training sessions. Employees from every level of the company are involved in our safety process and are rewarded for their safe contributions.

Everyone benefits through a safer, more productive jobsite. Safe production leads to successful construction.

John Bender Inc. is a member of the HBA ROSSI program.